About Us



Slatersville is the first of its kind  planned mill village where all others in the US were modeled after. Self sustaining with everything a communit needs all within 1/2 mile. There are two churches,, Public Library, US Post Office, convenience store, Grocery Store, restaurants, Medical Offices, and two parks all within reach.

Things to Do


Blackstone River Bikeway features 14 miles of  paths that run along the Blackstone River for walking or bicycling. Spectacular scenery of the dams, fall foliage, wildlife. Take time for a picnic along the way on one of the many benches with waterview.

Northern RI


Northern RI offers such a diverse landscape for outdoor activity. An abundance of lakes for kayaking/fishing /swimming are within 15 minute's drive of Silver Pines. A number or wildlife preserves for hiking are nearby.  And for scenic drives, drive by the many horse farms, visit the local antique shops, homemade ice cream stands, and finish the day dining at nearby Wright Farm Restaurant. Everything you need is right here in Northern RI.